FIRST IMPRESSIONS: New Prince of Tennis – How to beat the shit out of your seniors

Well, you're the expert so lead the way!

My impressions of New Prince of Tennis in short? Chibisuke has gotten taller!! Jokes jokes; he has but that’s not it. Continue reading

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 01 – How to pick up girls.

5. Boys and skirts.

Despite being a surprising collaboration between Square Enix and Sunrise, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is as its titles suggests: the daily lives of high school boys. Confined in an all boys school, the three main protagonists Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake presents the crème de la crème of classic but corny pick up lines – the ones that you can find only in galge (bishoujo and ren’ai games) and manga. From “how to get a girlfriend” to “cross-dressing with your little sister’s clothes” and painful ghost stories, comedy doesn’t get any better than this. Watching this after Kill Me Baby makes me feel very refreshed. Thumbs up for the wonders of hormonal, teenage boys and their way of thinking. Continue reading

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Irrasshaimase to Yorozuya!

By shrutianime

From L-R- Shinpachi, Gintoki and Sadaharu chomping Kagura

To all those otaku who haven’t started drowning in Gintama land yet, I have two things to say; firstly, you’re missing out on one of the best anime out there and secondly, watch it now and come back to this post after that…NOW. Continue reading

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kill Me Baby 01 – Anime that teaches you self-defence.


While the comedy isn’t as comparable as Nichijou, a twin-tailed assassin, a nonchalant ninja and an idiotic girl situated in the parameters of a high school life provides an appealing combination. Oh, and probably the tentacles shown in the OP too. But that’s just how comedy with the lack of a proper plot goes these days. Continue reading

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5 THOUGHTS: Bleach Chapter 479


Since when did you become Captain again?

1) And thus the arc comes to close. The next question is, what’s next?
2) I wish Kubo-sensei would focus more on the setting and issues of Soul Society. I mean, that is where the majority of the cast lies. Particularly Shiro-chan. I demand more Shiro-chan (・`ω´・)!
3) It would be nice to see Ichigo being requested by the head to go to Soul Society and deal with the badass antagonists (given that they aren’t hellbent on becoming/being an ultimate pawning god like Aizen). Or even better, get the King involved somehow.
4) I wouldn’t mind seeing this duo again.


5) I still haven’t bothered myself with the anime. Despite it being up to date, there’s still filler episodes.

“Bleach will be on a 3 week hiatus and will return with issue 11; the most likely return date is February 1 2012.” – Bleach Exile

– Serenata.

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Revisiting Sekirei 2: Pure Engagement Upon the Release of Its Dubbed Version

By Melissa C.


The dubbed second season of Sekirei was released this week. Sekirei fans who have been waiting for the release of the dubbed version of Pure Engagement since the Japanese version’s release in 2010 seem to be pretty pleased with new developments in the series. Those who have watched Sekirei 2: Pure Engagement (both the Japanese and dubbed version) have been almost unanimously pleased to report that the plot is much more developed in this new installment of the series. What seems to make Sekirei 2 great in the eyes of many viewers is that the characters are consistently challenged throughout the season. The conflict and challenge in this season seems to bring out the true nature of all the characters, making them seem more real and multi-faceted. Continue reading

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Kuroshitsuji Theories: Sebastian-Mephistopheles and the Two Ciels.


After much research, I’ve managed to condense and mingle a few ideas of my own relating to the Sebastian-Mephistopheles and Two Ciels theories. Though extremely questionable – as they are after all, only theories – there have been some notable moments throughout Kuroshitsuji which show the plausible nature of these theories. Though I’m too convinced with the Sebastian-Mephistopheles theory, the possibility of twin Ciels existing in the story is intriguing. It might just be true; you’d be surprised by how the proof almost makes sense! But who knows in all actuality, save for Yana-sensei herself. Like I said before, she’s a mastermind. This is all a conjunction of pure fanaticism, a side effect of her favourite move (mindfuck). Continue reading

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Rocking it with SCANDAL’s Tomomi and Mami!ヽ(゜∀゜)メ(゜∀゜)ノ

Yo yo! Timo and Mamitatsu!

Some of you may know SCANDAL as a popular all-girl Japanese Rock band who sang the 10th and 15th opening for Bleach, and a couple of other OP/ED songs for Full Metal Alchemist and Tofu Kozu. True, they’re primarily a rock band… but occasionally, some of their members think it’s nice to have a bit of a change. Shall we check it out?

*NB: More goodies coming! I haven’t even shown you their official MV yet~ 

(Mami – left; Tomomi – right)

Continue reading

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