Winter 2011/12

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Winter 2011/12 is out! I hadn’t realised that we didn’t have it up (accidentally mixed it up with 2011 ><”). Nevertheless, expect a brand new series of New Prince of Tennis and a proper season of BLACK ROCK SHOOTER! Also, a Steins;Gate Special and Fairy Tail OAD coming soon.

Best of all, K-ON The Movie is out! Subtitles please since all we have so far is the new singles to enjoy.

Guess that’s it!  じゃまたね ~

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5 Responses to Winter 2011/12

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  2. Ha ha~ Yes can’t wait til the K-ON movie gets subtitled ;)

    • baka-neko says:

      IKR? Sooner or later they will >:3
      But for now, my friends are teasing mee~ T^T they’re going to japan and they’re all gunna be watching the K-ON movie … IN CINEMAS!

  3. Cely_belly says:

    Aw! I am hating on your friends. Must be pretty hard for you :3 I feel you . . .

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