The Staff

Serenata, Yui

Status: Active, sort of.

Why, hello there. The name’s SilentSerenata, or Serenata for short, the latter being my preferable alias. I’m also known as ‘Yui-chan’ at times, as in the Yui Hirasawa from K-ON (seeing as how our personalities are so alike). As mentioned, I possess a personality that tends to formulate sporadic ideas on a whim, and am somewhat of a loud-mouth, food addict and self-proclaimed-but-not-really f.o.b. I don’t know; I have a terrible descriptive terminology when it comes to self-introductions.

As for my interests in anime and manga, I’ve been obsessed with it for as long as I can remember (thanks to the influence of an older sister) and it’s become an integral part of my life thus far. However, I did not start blogging about it till about 201o.

Other than blogging, my hobbies include the obvious: watching and reading anime, manga and drama; as well as gaming and writing. Yes, I write fanfics but that’s more of a pastime interest now. My hope for the unknown future is to not fail at life. Thanks for the visit and may we meet again dear anonymous reader!


Status: Inactive

Hello there! Jacqivarius is the name. In accordance to my peers, I’ve had my gender bended so I can fill in the boots of Ritsu, not that I’m complaining because I love Ritsu but I digress.

I’ve been into anime since I was a wee lad and watched Gundam on T.V. It soon festered into a near obsession of mine. I really never considered blogging until I was tipsy enough to try it during a Christmas bash but it’s quite nice. Serenata was kind enough to pick me up so here I am as a premier director of The Otaku’s Blog. My other hobbies would include reading, gaming, and playing musical instruments.

I hope you enjoy your stay at TOB and come visit us again in the future!

Bakaneko, Azu-nyan

Status: Active

Baka-neko desu ~ or preferrably called Azu-nyan seeing as I literally am Yui’s kouhai *sigh*

I am… a fan girl >_<  From Shoujo Manga to Sexy Bishies ~ i love them all!
Gufufufu ~ Kazehaya Shouta ♥ Usui Takumi ♥ Okumura Rin ♥ Kida Masaomi ♥ Hewajima Shizu- … I’ll shut up now. Anyway, forgive me for the cliched fan girl squeals. It’s hard to control. Nevertheless, enjoy your stay~

demou… neko mimi, Kawaiiku nai deshou?*

T/N: (forced to put in by Yui-sempai) But…cat ears are cute aren’t they?

Yui: “We really need a page labelled: AZUNYANS LANGUAGE. She’s half-cat, half-human you see. Still needs to learn ENGLISH >:D. All the readers will be like WTF!? without it.”
… *evil*
“Geh. Azu-nyan is a bully D:”

laah ` ! well i’ve finished my part ~

*NOTE: Beware of the free cookies. They’re poisoned.


Status: Active

I live my life by two ways o_O There’s either a time where I’m terribly bored or I’m too busy. I would rather have the times where I’m terribly bored. Was life this hard when you were 12?

My hobbies include swimming, tennis, badminton, water polo (once in a while), watching anime, reading manga (once in a while), reading books, playing video games, writing fanfiction, and (forcefully) doing homework.

The first ever anime I watched was…Inuyasha? I think…The first manga that I read was (trying to remember -_-“) Dragonball Z cause my “friend” coaxed me into it.

One thing if you knew me in real life is that you can hear me cussing at someone if they said something bad about China or basically Chinese people. My rule is this: if you don’t insult my culture, I won’t insult your’s. If you DO insult the Chinese, you’re basically insulting me and get ready for a punch in the gut. (JK! I won’t do that, I’ll just spread rumors about you :D) Another thing is that if you don’t see me watching anime, I would be either doing homework or playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (most likely the latter).

I first got to know this place from my cousin who was my little messenger (that I like to torture) to Serenata. The real first time I got to know Serenata was via Fanfiction. (Yes, I write fanfiction)

I hope that you have a wonderful stay…browse…look… at T.O.B. and have a great day…or night….or anything that’s happening while you’re reading this.


Kimmi, Mugichan

Status: Hiatus

Sup! I’m Kimmi-chan the perverted masochistic non-outerspace hardcore otaku – DESU . (as known to azu-nyan )

Well.. one of the very first few animes I actually watched was Crush Gear! Do you guys remember Crush Gear? When I was about 5 or 6 my parents would buy me heaps of Crush Gears (especially Garuda Phoenix) and I would sit alone and build them by myself…

*sigh* I miss playing with Crush Gears.. TT_TT

Anyways that’s it? Laters. ;P

Lero ze Lerorin
Lero, Lerorin

Status: Hiatus

I am a person who is a bit picky in watching anime nowadays but that’s another story. Now, I am a vocaloid and also nico nico fan since I lurk more in the nico nico douga website searching for random songs. As far as I know my interest in anime began when I was 5 or 6 years old from my local tv. I have an obsession with yandere which I prefer not to speak more than this.

I am the author of the blog mylifemyword which consists of supercell and Vocaloid. The blog was originally supposed to be rantings on my daily life but it turned into a lyrics paradise of supercell and Vocaloid. So I’ll most likely be blogging about Vocaloid, nico nico or supercell. Sorry about that.

Other than blogging, I romanize lyrics for supercell and Vocaloid (mostly) compositiongs, watch anime, draw, read manga and sing.

Thanks for reading this introduction and er, yoroshiku!


Status: Active

Picky is my middle name. I have an incredibly short attention span when it comes to watching or reading anything. So if it can hold my interest, then it is almost guaranteed to be good. (I say almost because I stop and consider the fact that I’m the kind of weirdo who can watch the most horrific shows while snacking on popcorn without blinking. The more blood the better!) The more it messes with your head, the more thrilling it is. My kryptonite is anything cute – like Hanyuu. I melt at cute things.

Shruti, Ti-chan, Ichi

Status: Active

Nya~ (=^.^=)V
I’m a 120% Fujoshi,(ノ≧∀≦)ノ anime and manga fan and a food lover trying
to get thinner (in vain) ლ(´ڡ`ლ).
Supremely lazy and at times a complete air head. I love music and
history *puts on nerd glasses*. I also adore animals. Of all kinds.
You don’t easily get collectibles where I live. Actually none at all.
>__> But my #1 permanent item on my wish list is a house full of San-x
collectibles. Teddies, bunnies, kitties- all of them. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜). Isn’t
cute stuff awesome? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
I have an annoying habit of using Emoji excessively. Pardon me for that. (シ_ _)シ
Nice to meet you all!! I hope to learn a lot while I’m here.


Status: Active

Yaho! I’m SleepySlacker though you can call me anything that you want. I guess personality-wise, I am an exceeding extremely random person to the point people might call insane. The only thing that I can be constant at is being random ^^;

I’m addicted to moe and will do anything to get more of it. (Anything) also a lover of anything K-ON!

So far my love for anything anime has branched to watching anime, manga (not so much), anime figures and seiyuu nutism.

So far I’m still really new to the anime and blogging world so I hope you’ll take good care of me. Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! てへぺろ (・ω< )

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