FIRST IMPRESSIONS: New Prince of Tennis – How to beat the shit out of your seniors

Well, you're the expert so lead the way!

My impressions of New Prince of Tennis in short? Chibisuke has gotten taller!! Jokes jokes; he has but that’s not it.

Did ya miss me? ;)

It may seem a bit mind-boggling at first, considering that all the third years have actually graduated in Prince of Tennis I, yet find themselves back in middle school attending a U-17 tennis training camp. Due to the fact that quite some time has passed since tenipuri finished, we are enlightened with a ten minute introduction of all the characters as well as a bonus introduction as to how the new damned training system works.

Though believe me, I am impressed. The graphics have gotten much better and they’ve kept the glorious, corny theme song that they play when Echizen has that winning smirk on his face as he kicks his opponents ass ~ Its been a long time ^^

Cutting to the main event: Tennis!

The director of the U-17 camp thinks that 300 students are far too many. The solution? Drop 250 balls out of the sky and lets see what happens! Those who do not catch a ball are required to leave immediately which supposedly leaves us with 250 students… but it doesn’t. Some of the middle schoolers find it funny to catch more than they need to and thus leaving one ball left; that is until Ryoma arrives. The remaining sore-losers without a ball challenge those who do. But name calling is just unacceptable. Learn some manners!! D:<


Plot: B
Characters: B+
Design: B+
Music: C
Overall: B

As promised, a lesson on ‘How to beat the shit out of your seniors’.
Presented by Echizen Ryoma.

Lesson 1: Intimidation.
Act as if you are an arrogant, overly-confident brat. This causes the foe to become slightly cocky, assuming the battle will be interesting as he plans his finishing blow.

Lesson 2: Intimidation Section 2.
Toy with the foe by mimicking. This causes the foe to be in shock, which may also have the side-effect of frustration.


Lesson 3: Praise.
Praising is always good. It allows your foe to feel better about himself after all your harsh intimidation.

Lesson 4: The Final Blow
This requires the use of a tennis player’s worst nightmare: to be defeated by his own moves. This attack crushes ones pride and dignity all in one hit (even more so in front of a large audience). Hence the this lesson is called ‘The Final Blow’.

Lesson 6: Arrogance is Bliss
Self explanatory.

And this concludes Echizen Ryoma’s lesson on ‘How to beat the shit out of your seniors’. See you again next time!


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5 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSIONS: New Prince of Tennis – How to beat the shit out of your seniors

  1. Cely_belly says:

    So many megane XD te he.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What irritates me about this new series is the fact that it seems like all the players are weaker. Echizen practically reached his father’s level at the national finals; yet now he is behind some high schoolers???

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Hinata Uzumaki says:

    RYOMA IS SOOO HOTT !!!!!! I love the new series i just wish it would never end !!!!!!

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